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Green Ingenious Business Pvt. Ltd. wants to choose the right things to implement its ideas in the right way. What is Green Business? Proposed Green Business defines that a positive impact on the environment & economy for community. Aim of GIB is to develop sustainable resources & up hold socially responsible policies. GIB provide real time Information about the Green Products with high quality with affordable cost. When going Green in the Business Level, GIB consider the following key areas.

=> Focus on purchase of Green Products & Purchasing Green Equipment

=> Adhering to environmental Laws, regulations & Best Practices.

=> Eliminating waste & using sustainable materials

=> Focus on energy consumption & improving the efficiency for growth of plants

=> To give the awareness of Bio Manure

=> We can make changes from basic improvements to implement more far reaching our GIB Projects


ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY is a Business that is earning a profit rather than going in to debt. It includes purchasing products that reduce environmental – Good idea to go for Bio Manure & Energy efficient appliances.

SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY covers how a business gives back to its Society including ethical principles on education & charitable, Health & Safety measurements Green in its Business Strategy:


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What We Ensure

GIB takes the aim to reduce the environmental impact include working with the vendors and suppliers, who follow sustainable practice, using Green Cleaning products Eliminate using Plastics hazardous

GIB Assures

To provide high frequency data Information to the farmers.

GIB Wants

To act as a model Agent in Green Market that leads to the Technical trading Rules & Profitability Identity.

GIB Offers

Going Green project with its Positive outcomes for Small farmers also.

GIB Create

High-quality work to develop an investor’s dreams.

Being Green

GIB assures that Being Green will also draw more high-quality clients & Customer

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